Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sketches: Indiana Trip

Went to Indiana over the weekend, here are some sketches from the trip.


PJ Lynch said...

Hi Kendra
Thanks for the kind comment.
It's great to see your work. I'm amazed by your ability in so many different styles and techniques: always based on excellent drawing skills of course.
You have a wonderful career ahead of you.
very best wishes

luis espinosa said...

wow.. theses are awesome! love the energy in them. At the moment I am in Arizona. I got a job as a Graphic Designer for an internet magazine. hahaha. Its cool. learning a lot. Trying to pretend to be a designer has been kicking my butt but hopefully I will be descent at it some day and move back to doing more illustrations. WHat about you? what's going on with you??

kalonji said...

such beautifull sketches !!! speechless