Saturday, September 19, 2009

SketchCrawl #24

Its TODAY! Everybody get out there and draw!

To locate a group in your area or join up with the LA group click the links.

For those who don't know what this is:
SketchCrawl is a day long world wide drawing marathon that happens every couple of months. This event is for sketchers from all walks of life, on different continents, for anyone with a piece of paper and any form of drawing utensil. It's about getting out there, enjoying life and taking a little time to appreciate everything. Even if there isn't a group in your area, and even if you're busy that day I'm sure you'll find something inspiring. Just pick up a piece of paper and draw it, even if you're not an artist it's all in good fun.

Everyone have a wonderful day, Happy Sketching!

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Lel said...

Hey Kendra

It was great meeting you yesterday, I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff as it progresses - I lOVE the little medieval scene, your stuff is so excellent!