Monday, October 19, 2009

While I was MIA

Here are some quick sketches I did within the past couple days while my parents were visiting. A couple were done in LA, a couple in San Francisco

Bus tour of LA/Hollywood. Lunch in the Farmer's Market at The French Crepe (really good!)

Filling up on the way to San Fran. Hilltop wine tasting in Napa Valley at Sterling Vineyards, only way up is by Gondola

Lunch at Cafe Gratitude, all raw vegan I've never felt so good and light after a meal.
I enjoyed I am refreshed, I am thankful, and I am devoted.

Wicked at the Orpheum

1 comment:

lautrette said...

...looove those drawings!!
i go once in a while to that crepe place myself...ypu did capture it with brio..

and thank you for your kind words om my blog. my cheeks were turning pink!!!!!!