Friday, November 6, 2009

Drawing Club: Clock Work Orange

Model tonight was Keith Klanderud


Dave Lebow said...

These are so cool Kendra! Great work!

Saigonradio said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. Great drawings. The 5th one is my favorite because of the flow. I think you captured it very well in comparison to the others.

Take it easy


Anthony Mckeown said...

Loving the art style. The Nurses in the previous post are great. *thumbs-up!

LFW said...

hey dood, great work, was a pleasure meeting you at the gallery nucleus shin-dig (I was that aussie guy, lol)

anyway, cheers to you and your work, you definitely have talent


Schin Loong. said...

Looks like a grand ol horrorshow! ;D

Illustrateur trés au Sud. said...

i love these sketches!! great work!

jpforjohnpark said...

Hey Kendra! thanks for you kind words, I've just been using a pentel Japanese brush pen (refillable too) to do my black and white sketches.

Haven't had much life drawing practice, need to get into it again.

Hope all is well, keep in touch