Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have a Home! + Update on Updates

I'm in the process of checking things off my to-do-list
And as you may have noticed I finally got all those drawing session scanned.

Here's a quick easy reference for all the new stuff
Updates Chronologically listed:

Nov 02 - Drawing Club: Byzantine Warrior
Nov 14 - Dr. Sketchy @ Gallery Nucleus
Nov 15 - Drawing Club: Princess 3hr
Nov 18 - LA Zoo
Nov 19 - Drawing Club: Annie Oakley
Dec 02 - Sketch Book Society (S.B.S.): Cecilia Fairchild
Dec 03 - Drawing Club: Cruella de Vil
Dec 09 - LA Zoo
Dec 09 - Nucleus' S.B.S.: Jennifer Fabos
Dec 10 - Drawing Club: Santa Claus


Desiree Cassidy said...

You have been a busy girl! So much new work I dont even know where to start!
Looking great as slways though, happy holidays!
Hope you get a bed soon!! :)

Shannon.Doran. said...

cool doodles happenin, ill check them out! I can totally relate to that pic, though I have a real (small...) bed. Just add a cat also on blanket and drop the temp outside to about....5.

Essay said...

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Kendra Melton said...


OH and we just bought a bed tonight! we get it Wednesday, i'm SO excited!