Friday, March 12, 2010

Bradbury Building + Grand Central Market

On location sketches from last Saturday (6Mar10) at Grand Central Market and the Bradbury Building.

Unexpected Event:
While I was attempting to make a sketch of the liquor store (nothing could go wrong here) at the Market a drunk man caused a spectacle yelling at cops and walking in and out of on coming traffic tying up multiple lanes. The disorderly man then chose one lane to yell at the cops from a safe distance, that is until a driver got tired of waiting and started honking, now he's mad at the driver. The drunkard then starts yelling at the driver and eventually slaps the guys side mirror on a seemingly new car. At that moment feeling irritated, rightly so, the driver got out of the car, the drunk man immediately ran away. I need to hunt down a picture of him getting arrested a friend from class captured.

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