Friday, March 5, 2010

Drawing Club: Wicked Witch

If you didn't make it to this session, I'm sorry you missed out, because it was AWESOME! Daniella Traub did an amazing job, what an inspiring model.


Pablo said...

Kendra where do you take these sessions at? It looks like a blast to be at. Any 411 would be great. By the way fantastic drawings.

Kendra Melton said...

The Drawing Club, It is THE BEST session I've found in LA. Big stage, good props, a movie with no sound playing on a projector, and music to go along with whatever the theme is that week. There are also snacks and drinks (both Alcoholic and non)

they also post everyone's results from the poses on their blog

Pablo said...

Awesome!! Thanks so much for the info! I've bookmarked the blog and I hope to join in on the fun. Everyone's work on the blog is very inspirational. Thanks again Kendra!