Friday, April 30, 2010

Doggy Doodles

Sketch Club took a little trip over to the good old dog park. This was an awesome day because I thought I did pretty bad but then I got home and the results weren't as disappointing as I thought WOO. My favorites are Top left, and bottom right, fun day. I mean how could it be bad with Doggies!

Drawing Club: French Fashion

What a packed night at the Drawing Club for Daniella Thaub's French Fashion theme! Barely a seat left in the place. I had to sit in the back with my little *poor man's sketchbook on a tall drawing horse. Usually I have room to sprawl out a little so I can use my watercolors but there was no room, so here is my attempt to add color with a Red Col-Erase, and a Schwartz Black Faber-Castell. Fun night. :]

 * Poor man's sketchbook: clipboard with printer paper (love it)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Drawing Club: Bonnie and Clyde

Kind of had a hard time getting into this character and figuring out how I wanted to handle her. The original plan was to brush up on my graphite drawing and after about half the session fighting with the reflective glare from the metallic lead I finally caved and pulled out something different. Ended up playing with various ink pens and still wasn't getting what I wanted. Then I pulled out the brush pen, oh yea, that combined with watercolor saved the evening. These came out a lot more effortlessly and it was much more enjoyable.

Model: Vikki Paschetto

Friday, April 16, 2010

Drawing Club: Saloon Girl

Had a new girl, or at least new to me, who goes by the name Larva. Gorgeous costume, so color-full. I had tons of fun :]

Monday, April 12, 2010

John Tucker the Gangster

Today ended up being VERY productive. Did all the laundry, all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, checked the mail before going anywhere, and cleaned up the mess that had been gathering from all my classes both in the living room and bedroom (lots of books, homework, and Drawing Club sketches). And on top of all the domestics I got a mark for Sketch Club done and photographed these figure drawings from the first day of Intro to Character Design with David Colman. Whew. And it's ONLY 8!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Drawing Club: Hardboiled

More experiments. Playing with styles, approaches, shapes. The main ingredients in these were ebony and color pencil, cool greyscale markers, and some ink lines here and there. My past self decided it would be a good idea to drink a coke at tonight's session, resulting in my present self being unable to sleep + a headache. Oh well, now I have one less thing to do, yay productivity! :]

 Model: Jee Teo
There's always a silver lining. G'night (I hope)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Drawing Club: Hill Billy

Model: John Tucker

Sketchbook Updates

Doodles from "How to Train Your Dragon" Panel at Gallery Nucleus, most of the top images were of the speakers during the presentation. Then instead of waiting in line I drew everyone else in line
Barnes & Noble, hung out there briefly before watching "Green Zone"

Walgreen's, apparently gets pretty crowded around 4pm so if you have the ability to fill prescriptions earlier, I would advise doing so. Again instead of waiting in a huge line I drew people. But they just kept coming so I eventually had to wait in line, hence the back shots of people.
Sketch Club + Chipotle, showed up a little late to Sketch Club so I decided not to eat, then once everyone was done for the day I soldiered off and went to Chipotle and drew people in line.
... Wow ... i drew a lot of people in lines lol ... Welcome to LA! :]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fabric Studies

Last night in David's class we were blessed with the lovely presence of Sara Streeter dressed in a beautiful flamenco (?) dress with a shawl. She is probably one of the most inspiring models I've ever had the privilege to draw. That one sketch in the bottom left was sooo gorgeous with so much movement, and all she was doing was sitting. Point being if you ever get a chance to draw her, take it, shes fantastic!

So the purpose of this pose was to learn how to handle fabric, both simplifying it and how to elaborate on the underlying forms.
(sorry for the horrible quality, these were on 18x24 and I had to take photos then try and fix the contrast in Photoshop)