Friday, April 2, 2010

Sketchbook Updates

Doodles from "How to Train Your Dragon" Panel at Gallery Nucleus, most of the top images were of the speakers during the presentation. Then instead of waiting in line I drew everyone else in line
Barnes & Noble, hung out there briefly before watching "Green Zone"

Walgreen's, apparently gets pretty crowded around 4pm so if you have the ability to fill prescriptions earlier, I would advise doing so. Again instead of waiting in a huge line I drew people. But they just kept coming so I eventually had to wait in line, hence the back shots of people.
Sketch Club + Chipotle, showed up a little late to Sketch Club so I decided not to eat, then once everyone was done for the day I soldiered off and went to Chipotle and drew people in line.
... Wow ... i drew a lot of people in lines lol ... Welcome to LA! :]


Lesley Vamos said...

I love the blue pencil stuff ^_^

Kendra Melton said...

thanks! I need to get faster using a pencil. I always get hung up on the fact that i can erase and it slows me down.

nisreen.b said...

are they actually this small size wen u draw them ?i mean they are found all on the same A4 paper?

i wonder if they are sketching of real figures too or just imagination stuff...all in all ur sketcin is great..keep it up

Kendra Melton said...

Hi Nisreen.b, thanks for all the questions! These were all done from life. The sketches are pretty close to the original size most if not a little bigger than whats in my sketchbook, I tend to draw somewhat small. These were all done in a landscape moleskine sketchbook. Once I scan them in at home I arrange them on a single page in Photoshop for easier viewing. Hope this answered all your queries, if you have more let me know :]