Thursday, December 16, 2010

Basic Figure and Anatomy with Vilppu

Glenn Vilppu's Basic Figure and Anatomy class just wrapped up this past Tuesday over at the Animation Guild. Great class, but what else would you expect from Vilppu. Poses in the class ranged from 2 mins - 1 hour. He does a good amount of demos, either by drawing on a tablet PC which is projected on a screen or traditionally with various media.

I haven't drawn in a classical style for quite some time so it was nice to get back into thinking about the actual anatomy.

(sorry for the odd quality, I had to photograph them)

If Glenn's name doesn't ring a bell you can find out more about him, his classes, and all of the learning materials he offers at


Malcolm said...

These are superb! Glenn Vilpu is practically THE master of Figure and Anatomy. I wish I wasn't poor otherwise, I'd totally sign up for this class next year. Anyway, I really admire the shading on all of these. And the gestures look very fluid. Ace Job, Kendra.

Anthony Holden said...

Great sketches all over this blog! (I especially love that Marcelo--essence, captured.)

Kendra Melton said...

Malcolm: Thank ya, if you enjoy figure I would highly recommend taking him at least once. It's worth saving up for

Anthony: Thanks a lot! and thanks for stopping by :]