Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drawing Club: Revolutionary Soldier

Sketches from 10Feb11

Thanks to Mike's comment on a previous post I decided to bring the watercolors back out this session. I ended up having to premix colors in order to speed up the process. So I had gold, dark blue, brown, and skin tone at the ready to quickly lay in color. The top page is almost all watercolor except for the bottom left which is digital, the second page was also colored digitally. Tonight's model was the, always historically accurate, Leslie Marc Halperin.

Drawing Club: Cosplay Bunny

Sketches of Heather Capps from 17Feb11

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Drawing Club: Princess Leia + Hunchback

Sorry had to double up on the Drawing Club post this week, been busting my butt on a bunch of other projects. I've been very happily swamped. Back to work :]

Princess Leia with the lovely Malo Youssefi (3Feb11)

Hunchback with Andy Flaster (27Jan11)
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