Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to Gesture Class!

First day of the new term with Mark was 15Feb11 and wow did we start off with a fantastic model! Poses were 1 min and 3 mins. Luckily the night before class I tried out some 30sec poses from an online Gesture Drawing Tool. It helped to give myself the illusion that the 1min poses were longer.

1 min

3 min +
(some I refined a bit more before moving on to the next pose)

* These were done using a Black China Marker and a Prang Charcoal Pencil *

In the comment section there was a question about a figure drawing database of images with the same model in different poses. The only one I can think of is, Character Designs: An Artist Resource - 39 Photosets.

If you know of any other online Figure Drawing resources feel free to share!