Thursday, November 17, 2011

Male Gestures

More from Mark McDonnell's Gesture Drawing class this past spring at the Animation Guild. Our model for this session was Joseph Gatt.

P.S. / (plug?)
This morning I was listening to the news and this Droid commercial came on. I was surprised when I noticed the muscular man in the armored convoy was our model. Only in LA. :]


Jesse Soto said...

I keep seeing this model in various commercials and movies. That guy is seriously connected. Great drawings, btw! Do you have a booth @ CTN?

Mayavan Thevendra said...

Terrific blog - there's a real visual inventiveness (is that a word?) to your drawings :)

chengwhich said...

haha, i think most of the class remembered this model quite clearly! :P really like the one where he's about throw the spear and neat on the commercial! he was also kratos right?

Anonymous said...

Lovely work darling =)

Woka said...

Love your drawings!! I just stumbled upon them and I got hooked. Awesome gesture and simplicity =)

ps- It's funny that you posted that commercial, I was there as a spectator watching while they shot the chasing scene in san francisco.

Kendra Melton said...


Jesse: nah no booth, as im sure you already noticed. maybe one day if I have some items to sell

Davi : yeah that's Kratos, among many other notable mocap video game characters

Woka: it never ceases to amaze me how small this world is. Glad you like the sketches